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Apr 13, 2024

We found a Spring!
Natural Spring Water, right on the side of the HWY.
Everything happens for a reason. Things are lining up for all of us all the time, whether we notice them or not. Lately, I have been interested in researching springs in my province. Then on our way home from Harrison, we passed a family pulled over with water jugs getting water off the side of the mountain. Of course, I wanted to stop, but it was Super Bowl Sunday, and I wasn’t the driver. On a timeline, we didn’t stop. If it wasn’t only 5 minutes later that we discovered we were going in the wrong direction and had been on the wrong Highway. Forced to turn around, I took it as a sure sign we were meant to visit this spring. ( Check out the blog for a list of Natural Springs in BC)



We all got tricked into mundane lives. Sold a story and told to chase the โ€˜dream.โ€™ The problem? There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you follow the main conventional narrative.

So why don't people change? Obligations and reputations.

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Why Play

The game of life is no longer a level playing field. The old world system that promised fairness and guarantees has shifted, and we find ourselves in an era of uncertainty and rapid change.

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Digital Soul

In the era where your digital presence echoes across virtual realms, "Digital Soul" invites you on a journey to reclaim the essence of your true self.

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