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Volume 1: SOUL GAME

"Soul Game" - Your Royal Rights and Divine Design 

Volume 1 of the "School of Soul" series - "Soul Game," now available and here to transform your life. Once you are finished School of Soul, you will never see the world the same again.

With "Soul Game," you're not just reading a book; you're reframing how you see life, your purpose and the world we live in.

Explore the profound layers of your existence through piercing insights delivered in a way to awaken to the power of your soul. This is your invitation to a life of deeper meaning, where every page turns is a step toward aligning with your divine destiny. 



The Call to Create and Transform

"We are all meant for greatness. We all have something exceptional to do whether we know it or not. It is a form of suffering until it is expressed because it is meant to come out. The feeling when something lives inside you, and you desire to express it but can’t seem to in a physical form, is your Soul trying to emerge. It’s not simply a calling; it’s an inherent knowledge that something within demands to be brought into the world.

You will never be dealt a hand you cannot handle. It is about embracing and expressing that which is clamoring for release from within. Most suppress it, usually out of fear, but this fear must be released for you to advance and transform. Ignoring your Soul’s calling and not becoming who you are meant to be can lead to profound discomfort.

Your Soul will not be silent; it pushes you towards your purpose. In 'School of Soul,' we dedicate time to understanding the Universe’s signs so you can connect with your Soul’s purpose and heed its guidance." 




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