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From Module 7 - Cultivating An Environment For Success
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"Be smart enough to ask for advice, but be wise enough to know who to seek it from."

Trust yourself.
You know what is best for you.
Except for your mentors, you should NOT be taking anyone else's opinions into account when making your big MOVES in the game of life.
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If they have not been where you are going - their advice is not relevant and has not been proven.
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This is a pitfall in the game - allowing advice from everyone who has never done what you are doing will only steer you off course, cost you time, or set you back. Never with ill intent - they simply do not have the same sight in life.
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There are two types of people in life, those who are going to go for it all and those who will never get up and try.
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If they tried, they too would make it, AND because they didn't do it for themselves, they will undoubtedly project onto you that __X___, is not possible.'
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It is advised to reframe from sharing your BIG ideas with everyone - not everyone has vision in life, and many are comfortable and content with the bare minimum.
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Running large - game-changing - risk rolling ideas past the average mind will only hinder your game. For those who are not able to see that everything is possible - will have no value to add, and I guarantee they will end up planting seeds of discouragement or try to' ground; YOUR idea in THEIR reality.
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Reframe from allowing these moments of interjections by consciously choosing who to share your ideas with.
Other than yourself, you are only to seek advice on your major moves from those who have already walked the path ahead of you.
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ONLY take your BIG ideas to the people who will tell you they need to be BIGGER.



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