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Apr 13, 2024

Day 14:
Hotel Lautner

I initially had booked to visit We Care for 8 days only. Once I arrived I knew i would need 16 to see the results that i needed for my health. We Care books 6 months - 1 year in advance, unfortunately they had no rooms on site for my second stay. Lucky me though I found the coolest hotel I’ve seen to date 6 minutes down the road. For anyone visiting We Care that would like a little extra privacy, this is where you will want to come. I called every hotel in the area, checked all the websites and even did some drive by's. The ONLY one I would have chosen was here ‘ HOTEL LAUTNER.’ It will WOW you. The iconic desert hideaway was built by the legendary architect John Lautner in 1947. It is a 4 unit stunning modern day oasis in Desert Hot Springs.
Who is John Lautner?? One of the last century most important contemporary Americana architects. “His work was concerned with the relationship of the human being to space and of the space to nature. Described as having a sense of drama, powerful geometry, and warmth. He had a profound respect for the site itself and always took this into his design. "

The very first ‘Big Picture’ Oscar went to a film ‘Wings' which was shot at this hotel. They had grand plans for the 600 acre property but after years of things not working out the property traded hands serval times, never getting finished and ultimating falling in to disappear. eventually the land was split up and sold off. Interior Design Well known Tracey Beckmann, and Ryan Trowbridge purchased the Motel in 2008. The transformed the former Desert Hot Springs Motel as the new Hotel Lautner
They got down to some serious work spending 4 years renovating the property. The Lautner Foundation loved it so much they allowed them to name it Hotel Lautner. Opening in 2011 it of course won the award for best Commercial Renovation by The Palm Spring's Modern Committee. Travel + Leisure names it ‘ 1 of the 5 best road trips in the Nation “ and was named ‘ one of the best new hotel’ by Conde Nast. My time here has been peaceful and inspiring. Trust me you won’t regret booking this hotel! @travelandleisure @condenasttraveller



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