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Apr 14, 2024

How real can you get? Can you talk about your downs like you talk about your highs? Can you share authentically without worrying what other people will think? What we put out there attracts what we get. If we do not express ourselves authentically then we will not attract things that will make us happy. I have experienced this first hand, especially with my real estate business. When I began in real estate I tried very hard to fit to do and say what I thought I was supposed to. I dressed and acted like the other agents, trying to fit in and fit the mold. I dressed as expensive and professional as I could, tried not to ever say the wrong thing. Heaven forbid I let it slip that I spend my free time studying religions and spirituality or that I belive in things others would call magic. Based on what I put out there, I attracted clients that this appealed to. I felt very restrained and cautious to always use a filter for my speech. As the years went on I noticed I didn’t jive with my clients in the ways I had hoped to. Business always went well, and they were always satisfied with my services, but I wasn’t building true connections. When I became sick a few years back I really started to not give a fuck. Suddenly, things like pleasing other people didn’t matter to me. I began to do what I wanted, say what I was really thinking and talk about subjects that lit me up... not caring if the other person thought I was crazy. I started wearing sequins, fur and blinged out shoes with cats. I fell back into my eccentric ways, neon colours and clothes that were sometimes meant for 12 year olds not 30 year olds. I started sharing through this blog, talking about spirituality, ACIM, manifestation, God and even about Cannabis. And the funniest thing happened, i started atttracting the coolest clients. Clients that at the end of selling their home would invite me to Christmas and thanksgiving. People that would soon call me family.



We all got tricked into mundane lives. Sold a story and told to chase the โ€˜dream.โ€™ The problem? There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you follow the main conventional narrative.

So why don't people change? Obligations and reputations.

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Why Play

The game of life is no longer a level playing field. The old world system that promised fairness and guarantees has shifted, and we find ourselves in an era of uncertainty and rapid change.

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Digital Soul

In the era where your digital presence echoes across virtual realms, "Digital Soul" invites you on a journey to reclaim the essence of your true self.

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