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We’re all getting fed a story. We can either be fed or choose to feed ourselves.

I decided I would feed myself - that I could, in fact, create a world of my choice by consciously choosing the content I take in.

I asked myself, ‘ Ok, if we literally get what we think, how can I control my thinking? How do I wire myself to attract that of which I want - that of which I desire?’

How I executed this change:
Set Vision - connected to what was and was not included in my future Vision. What is my future self aligned with? What is worth my time? What is worth giving mental real estate to?

Took inventory - social platforms, podcasts, music, channels - yes, even songs, ESPECIALLY songs we sing out loud should be looked at. Link in bio: Goal Chaser - A playlist of songs about accomplishing your goals.

Measured everything against the question ‘ Is this helping or hindering the creation of the reality I am choosing?’

Once I created space for grace - I began feeding myself my desired story. AKA, my finish line.
Took time to analyze what I wanted in each aspect of life.

Wrote SPECIFIC affirmations to clearly describe what I am ordering from The Universe.
Recorded it to a voice memo on my iPhone.

I play them over and over until I see what I spoke. Adjustments? All the time. I review at least once a month. For the more you focus on your plan and vision - the more it will expand.

You’ll literally get what you said. Don’t believe me? Try it for a year and let me know how it goes ;)



We all got tricked into mundane lives. Sold a story and told to chase the โ€˜dream.โ€™ The problem? There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you follow the main conventional narrative.

So why don't people change? Obligations and reputations.

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