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Boundaries - I am learning the lesson of setting time and energy boundaries. It’s amazing I have made it this far in life with poor boundaries.

It hasn’t been easy implementing them and I have upset a lot of people - however - right now I want to reserve all my energy for myself to create with - I choose not to have it diluted right now.

I never realized how badly I needed to work on boundaries until I tried to set some. WOW, did it not go as I expected. Steep learning curve!

When i do set boundaries with my time and with other people and their energy and i get to keep all my energy to myself it's amazing what I'm creating.

The fewer people i see, the less energy i have to interrupt my energy, my energy is just like it's like rising at a rate i don't even know what to do with.

I'm filming in the truck because once i go home and i go into my writing room now it's the phone is off.

My phone rings way too much to actually ever get a moment to myself so what I've started to do is turn my phone off and put my phone physically in another room.

I also no longer bring the phone into my writing room unless i need to use it for something in there like take a photo and make a video of what I'm doing because i don't like the energy in there.

It just ruins it every time i bring the phone in there i feel irritated like instantly um and i think it's just because it's interrupting me from finishing my dream.

I have told so many of my friends like I'm busy and then you know what they do they actually call more and they text more and I've started to re-evaluate some people in my life because of this because of the fact that i can't even just take a little time and the second i want the time they start grabbing on and holding onto me tighter.

i realize who is the codependence and that's not healthy and nobody should be depending on me because only me should be depending on me.

It’s a lot of pressure sometimes being corded into so many people and all of their requests on top of my own plans and goals.


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