My First VC Meeting - Gamification and Biohacking l Soul Renovation

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Hi โœจ My name is Ashley! I teach you how to hit your Health + Wealth ๐Ÿ’ต GOALS!
ƒαιั‚ะฝ ιั‚ υηั‚ιโ„“ ัƒσυ ะผαะบั” ιั‚

I have come so far as a businesswoman i used to be so insecure about myself, for no reason, i was always capable i always knew what i was doing, but i didn't have enough belief in myself.

i know that this is what I'm meant to be doing so the other thing is it goes so well together with my writing a book and a course so i want to move into only being biohacking and gamification and vision board so gamification of life and biohacking same thing really gamification of life is like to gamify your goals your day-to-day life and biohacking is basically gamification of your bodily functions so it is it's all the same and it's all related yeah exciting so a lot of people ask like what is my goal here with raising money for Vain & Vine and buying like why do i need all this money um it's number one to scale i don't have oops i am parked don't worry number one it is to scale number two is to get the right mentors in place because my goal is to go to whole foods like i want to walk down the aisles of whole foods and see my product there i want to walk into Sephora and see my product .....

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