How to Manifest a Thought Into Physical Form - Add Emotion

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Renovation land continues…

Mini backstory about how I ended up in this house and taking on all these projects.

I read in The Science of Getting Rich that if you want God to expand your current situation you must set the intention, create the vision and then outgrow your current situation.

If you want something, you have to currently outgrow your current situation. So if I want this new house, which I want so badly. Honestly, it keeps me up at night. I have a serious vision. So I have to outgrow my current home which means I have to improve it to the point that god has no option but to upgrade me because I’ve expanded so much that there's no room in this current home for me anymore. That is the plan.

If my goal is to have a new home, I should do everything I can to improve the home I have and take extremely good care of it to energetically show how much I appreciate, love and respect my home.

My custom recording that I listen to everyday:
“Take nothing personally. You're filled with incredible abilities and power to accomplish anything you want. Your energy is a powerful source. Beauty starts in the head, not in the mirror. Keep your spirit light, your body tight and your goals in sight. The cost of procrastination is the dream life you could already be living.”

Let's see if The Universe responds!

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