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Hi โœจ My name is Ashley! I teach you how to hit your Health + Wealth ๐Ÿ’ต GOALS!
ƒαιั‚ะฝ ιั‚ υηั‚ιโ„“ ัƒσυ ะผαะบั” ιั‚

My oh my, oh how I always take on so much with the absolute best intentions and absolute blissful ignorance to my band witch and the fact that I am in fact still human.

My body simply does not keep up with my mind.


I was just sitting back and thinking about like because part of the course i'm writing i'm gonna be about trauma timelines and you know a lot of people tell you to go celebrate all the good things that have happened in life , but i'm not gonna do that i'm gonna actually make you go figure out everything that went wrong and then make a timeline about it.

Then we're going to dig deep into the life lessons and why that had to happen to you of course and why it is your unfair advantage in life.

I’ll explain all that in the course but it came to me like i realized through making my own trauma timeline literally like literally every time that my life falls apart or things get really messy it's always right after i make a new Vision Board and i ask for more.

Like literally and then i realized that like right before i lost my health my wealth like the everything that happened in all those years right after i made my first vision board like the first time i asked for like this huge life all of a sudden everything left my life everything fell away everything fell apart.

You know i did hear signs before it happened but i didn't listen.

And you know how the universe works, is it gives you signs and messages and nudges and if you don't listen eventually it gives you a shove, it'll shove you right off the cliff or rip that thing right out of your life or i notice when it comes to people what'll end up happening is something horrible will happen between you and that person that makes it so impossible that you couldn't do anything except for separate from them whatever that might be and this is because the universe knows you're not going to let go because of attachment and so it has to make it that horrific so you do let go sometimes.

There's like a false expectation when you read law of attraction or manifestation books and you think that you're gonna make a vision board are you gonna ask for this huge life and it's just gonna be like this wonderful beautiful experience the whole way that's not really how it often happens.

I mean you can only actually recognize this looking back but after i've been looking back it's become very clear the more i ask for and every time i ask larger that's when i should expect that things are going to get messier.

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