Don't fake it until you make it, That's garbage advice, face it till you make it, Get up work hard fail then stand back up and face it again and do it better next time

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In the realm of self-improvement, the advice to "fake it until you make it" has long been touted as a mantra for success. However, there's a profound shift in perspective encapsulated in the words, "Don't fake it until you make it; face it until you make it." This blog post explores the transformative power of authenticity and resilience, emphasizing the value of confronting challenges, working hard, embracing failure, and standing back up to face them again on the journey to success.

The Illusion of "Faking It":

"Faking it until you make it" implies projecting an image of success or confidence even in the absence of genuine experience or accomplishment. While this approach may work temporarily, it often lacks the depth and substance needed for sustained success. It can lead to imposter syndrome and a sense of disconnection from one's authentic self.

The Authenticity of "Facing It":

"Facing it until you make it" embodies a commitment to authenticity and a willingness to confront challenges head-on. It acknowledges that the path to success is paved with obstacles, setbacks, and moments of vulnerability. Instead of masking insecurities, this approach encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves, flaws and all, as they navigate the complexities of their journeys.

Getting Up, Working Hard, and Embracing Failure:

The essence of "facing it until you make it" lies in the process of getting up after each fall, working hard in the face of adversity, and embracing failure as a stepping stone toward growth. This mindset cultivates resilience, determination, and a sense of purpose that transcends the superficial veneer of success. It's a call to action grounded in the reality that success is often built on a foundation of challenges overcome.

The Continuous Cycle of Improvement:

Success is not a linear journey; it involves a continuous cycle of facing challenges, learning from failures, and striving to do better. "Facing it until you make it" embodies the spirit of constant improvement. It encourages individuals to stand back up after each setback, armed with newfound wisdom and a commitment to face the next challenge with greater resilience and skill.

Authenticity and Sustainable Success:

Authenticity is the bedrock of sustainable success. When individuals face challenges authentically, they build genuine connections with themselves and others. This authenticity fosters trust, credibility, and a sense of purpose that transcends momentary success. It's a journey that not only leads to personal achievement but also inspires others by demonstrating the power of resilience and authenticity.

The Triumph of Personal Growth:

Ultimately, "facing it until you make it" is a celebration of personal growth. It's an acknowledgment that success is not just about external achievements but about the evolution of one's character, mindset, and capabilities. Each challenge faced becomes a testament to the strength within, and each failure is an opportunity to refine and improve.

Don't fake it until you make it; face it until you make it" challenges the conventional wisdom of projecting a false image of success. It champions authenticity, resilience, and a commitment to continuous improvement as the true ingredients for lasting success. In embracing this mindset, individuals not only navigate challenges with grace but also contribute to a culture that values authenticity, growth, and the unyielding spirit required to face adversity and emerge victorious.



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