Don't 'Fake It Util You Make It.' That's Garbage Advice. Face It Till You Make It. Get Up. Work hard. Fail, Then Stand Back Up. Face It Again, And Do It Better Next Time. Repeat

breaking societal norms commitment to self-development self-improvement journey Mar 30, 2024

In the pursuit of success, we often encounter the popular advice to "fake it until you make it." However, in the crucible of genuine achievement, this counsel falls short. The real journey to success is not about putting on a facade; it's about facing challenges head-on, learning from failures, and persistently moving forward. In this blog post, we explore the authenticity and resilience encapsulated in the mantra: "Don't 'fake it until you make it.' Face it till you make it. Get up. Work hard. Fail, then stand back up. Face it again, and do it better next time. Repeat."

The Fallacy of 'Faking It':

"Faking it until you make it" implies a superficial approach to success—masking insecurities or inadequacies without addressing the underlying issues. This strategy lacks the authenticity and substance needed for sustained growth and accomplishment. True success is built on a foundation of genuine effort, continuous learning, and the courage to face challenges directly.

The Power of Facing It:

To face it is to confront reality with honesty and courage. It means acknowledging weaknesses, accepting failures as opportunities for growth, and committing to the hard work required for genuine success. Facing it requires authenticity, a trait that resonates with others and builds trust and credibility over time.

Getting Up and Working Hard:

The journey to success is riddled with obstacles and setbacks. When faced with adversity, the key is not to fake confidence but to get up and work hard. Success is often the result of persistent effort and resilience. Every challenge is an opportunity to refine skills, cultivate determination, and emerge stronger than before.

Learning from Failure:

Failure is not the end but a crucial part of the process. Rather than hiding behind a façade, face failures with humility and curiosity. Understand the lessons they bring, and use them to refine strategies and approaches. Learning from failure is an integral aspect of personal and professional development.

The Iterative Process:

Facing it till you make it is an iterative process. It involves continuous improvement and refinement based on experience and feedback. Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to iterate, doing it better each time. This mindset fosters adaptability, innovation, and the ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of success.

Authenticity as a Magnet for Success:

Authenticity attracts success. People resonate with genuine individuals who face challenges openly and work hard to overcome them. Building authentic connections fosters collaboration and support, creating a network that propels individuals toward their goals.

In the pursuit of success, the advice to "face it till you make it" stands as a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and continuous effort. Authenticity fosters genuine connections, resilience empowers individuals to overcome challenges, and continuous effort ensures growth and progress. So, let us discard the notion of 'faking it' and instead, face challenges with courage, work hard, learn from failures, and persistently move forward. In this authentic journey, success becomes not just an achievement but a reflection of the unwavering commitment to face it until you make it.



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