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The Soul Renovation Post-It Affirmation Template & Wall Guide

This affirmations wall guide will allow you to create empowering post-it notes for anywhere in your home. It will also provide you with the steps to create a beautiful wall out of them. 

What you'll get:

  • The custom Soul Renovation Canva template that I created for standard post-it notes!
  • Template pages with Soul Renovation affirmations filled in.
  • Instructions for substituting in any of your own affirmations.
  • Added video instructions as a visual aid.
  • Instructions for specifically making your own Affirmations post-it wall.
  • Mini-course bonus exercise & lesson about affirmations and manifesting.

*If you would also like more  affirmations, why not add The Entire Collection of Soul Renovation Affirmations?  That 44 page PDF download includes more than 1100 additional affirmations. It's Soul Renovations full library of go-to affirmations!