$22.00 USD

The Entire Package: ALL THREE Soul Renovation Affirmations Kits & Guides

From love and health to home and wealth, this complete package includes over 1100 affirmations to cover every area of your life you desire to improve!

You'll get the affirmations, Canva template and more -- all bundled together for only $88!   

What you'll get:

  • The custom Soul Renovation Canva template that I created to fit standard post-it notes! 
  • Template pages with Soul Renovation affirmations filled in.
  • Instructions for substituting in any of your own affirmations.
  • Instructions for creating your own post-it wall.
  • Bonus video instructions as a visual aid.
  • Bonus audio prompts and instructions.
  • The Entire Collection of Soul Renovation Affirmations -- a 44 page PDF with over 1100 Soul Renovation affirmations relating to every area of life, from success and wealth to home and health! 
  • Another 11 page Love Affirmations PDF with over 300 Soul Renovation love and relationship affirmations.
  • Instructions for specifically making your own Love Affirmations post-it wall.
  • Mini-course bonus lessons about affirmations and manifesting. 

*Purchased separately, this would be $110. So, this package is great value and a way to get it all!